Heroes of Barrows Edge

Side Quest: Pest Control

Jan 29 2017 Session

On a quiet day in the frontier town of Barrows Edge, Lia Siannodel, Sola, Quiply Galanodel and Grim are hanging out in the inn’s common area while Penelope ’’Pennie’’ Tealeaf has made it abundantly clear she locking herself up with Al for some un-interrupted canoodling time. Sola, playing darts (“It helps my focus”), Quiply rather haphazardly eating soup (with her hands in my imagination), Grim at her feet, gnawing on a treat. Lia is playing chess with Mallie March the innkeeper, when they interrupted by a frantic man bursting into the inn, eyes darting around looking for someone or something. While Lia stays focused on her game, Sola engages the stranger, Farmer Caneton.
“There you are! I thought I’d find you at the tavern, but Ginger said she couldn’t even get Al for me…”
We then got sidetracked briefly by dirty jokes…before learning the reason the man has come to you is for help solving a problem of a mystery creature attacking the outlying farms of Barrow’s Edge livestock. Including a cow, at which we discover Lia’s (possibly meta) obsessive love for cows…also she accuses Mallie of cheating at chess after losing her 5sp in a bet.
You go with Caneton to investigate the affected farms, (I imagine Quiply messily slurping the last of her soup) and Grim abandoning his bone [Pennie: hehe, bone. That’s what I’m doing too!]
Lia is initially worried they will have to take horses, but is only partially reassured by the pony pulled cart and our heroines pile into it with Grim awkwardly on top of them (still no word on who got the fluffy butt).

you know how whenever a group of people are sitting (close) together, and a big dog wants to be a lap dog, someone always gets stuck with the butt…

As the 2 elves and half-elf are bopping around in the cart, seeing as there isn’t a proper road, with a fluffy (albeit with an odor) Grim on top of them, Caneton happily chatters about our heroes past help to the farmers of the territory. [BTW: This could be an another out-of-chronology side quest in case of further scheduling conflicts.] We also learn that apparently, other than her insane bovine love, Lia always remembers a good man and a duck. They passed through Caneton and Lavande Agneu’s farm plots, down the dirt path between two brick walls dividing the roaming sheep and chickens. Arriving at the beginning of Pomelay’s cow pasture, Caneton and Peaches let the heroes off to investigate. Standing just outside the pasture they can see a farmer kneeling in the distance in the pasture with two cattledogs keeping the rest of the cows away from that particular section of the enclosure, to the other side of the enclosure they can see a pristine apple orchard, full of fruit. When meeting Farmer Pomelay, you find next to him a mangled cow corpse, partially eaten and fresh.
Investigating the scene, Lia is absolutely useless and wanders off to hug confused cows. Quiply meanwhile, immediately recognizes all of the signs of a wolf attack, even able to determine a rough estimate of size and age due to the tracks and fang imprints.
Quiply and Grim are able to confidently track the lone wolf through the wild woods, the still untamed frontier, to a makeshift den. Quiply manages to befriend the lost wolf – identified as Bloodfang, the animal companion of a goblin shaman they defeated on their way to Barrows Edge, and she joins you as one of Quiply’s companion (your pack is growing, wolf herder!).
They return with Bloodfang to the village.

Lia, Sola, and Quiply gain 1gp2sp10cp and a canned apple preserve jar each, and a fresh baked apple pie.


I’ll open up an editable page for Quiply’s companions – If anyone has the time or inspiration to write the aftermath of Bloodfang feel to add it! You can do so in the comments if you can’t edit the wiki page I will link on her page because I can’t get it to come up here. Some suggestions: how does the farming community react to you befriending the “cow-killing pest” instead of exterminating it (Pomelay and Caneton are probably supportful, Caneton may have a crush on Lia…)? What’s Pennie’s reaction to coming home from a lovely day of fu*ahem*bon*ack!*ahem*scre*urgh intimate interactions with her boo to find a new, strange animal just hanging out with you as you chow on apple pie? Will Grim need to warm up to his new sis?/partner? Will there be puppies like Ashley wanted?!?!

Side Quest: Pest Control
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