Quiply Galanodel

feral druid half-ef


Spurned by her elven side, half-elf Quiply retreated to the forest as a young child where she was raised by a pack of wolves. Years later, druid master Ratamy Ris and his companion, Sir Muffles the crow, strayed into a dangerous part of Quiply’s forest. She saved their lives, and asked in return that they teach her the ways of druidic magic so she could protect her pack and hunting grounds from the encroaching human settlements.

Quiply and her foster baby-brother (and companion) Grim the wolf decided to go adventuring when they were satisfied that their pack was safe from the humans. They wanted to explore the world and learn about the multitude of different animals and environments beyond the forest. Their goal is to befriend and learn about as many animals as possible on their journey.

Quiply’s Companions

Quiply Galanodel

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