Mallie March

constantly bustling portly hostess


Mallie Marchess owns the Barrows Edge Inn. She acts as the manager, bartender, and host, and generally does whatever needs to be done to keep the place running. Everyone in the hamlet knows and respects her. Although Barrows Edge doesn’t have a formal government, Mallie’s word is close to law. Eminently capable and extremely organized, Mallie possesses many leadership qualities.
With the onset of the goblin raids, she started to gather the resources to build a wooden wall around Barrows Edge. The town has been making slow, steady progress on this project. If the work stays on schedule, the wall be finished in about a year. While Mallie knew that a wall will provide better security in the future but that something had to be done immediately. So, in addition to spearheading the wall project, she pushed for the settlement to send out a call for help.
She had a personal stake in eliminating the goblin threat. About two months before our heroes arrived, her husband led a group of townsfolk to try to make peace with the goblins. They never returned.
Mallie welcomes all patrons to her establishment. She has no problem with our adventurers using the inn as their base of operations, and isn’t afraid to ask them how the adventuring is going and offering them advice and opinions as she thinks of them.


Mallie March

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