Lia Siannodel


Elven wizard lvl 1

STR 13 +1
CON 16 +3
DEX 18 +4
INT 19 +4
WIS 16 +1
CHA 13 +1

HP 7
Initiative +3
AC 13
touch 13
flatfooted 10
immobile 10
Speed 30

the following you enter into the generator machine listed on front wikipage for levelling up:

Player Ashley
Name Lia Siannodel
Race Elf
RaceNum 1
StartingClass 10
Barbarian 0
Bard 0
Cleric 0
Druid 0
Fighter 0
Monk 0
Paladin 0
Ranger 0
Rogue 0
Sorcerer 0
Wizard 1
Alignment 4
Religion 0
Strength 13 13
Dexterity 16 16
Constitution 18 18
Intelligence 19 19
Wisdom 18 18
Charisma 13 13
Money 0.49999999999999645
BaseAttackBonus 0
FortitudeSave 0
WillSave 2
ReflexSave 0
HitPoints 7
ArmourBonus 0
ArmourIndex 68
ShieldIndex -1
Skill 4 4
Skill 6 4
Skill 15 2
Skill 18 4
Skill 34 2
Skill 38 4
Feat 65 1
EQ 10 1
EQ 12 1
EQ 13 1
EQ 87 1
EQ 90 1
EQ 97 1
EQ 108 1
EQ 111 1
EQ 112 1
EQ 124 3
EQ 132 1
EQ 134 1
EQ 146 1
EQ 172 1
EQ 173 1
USEREQ 0 Map Case
Language 4
Language 5
Language 8
Language 12
Language 16
Language 17
SpecialDomain none
RestrictedDomain1 none
RestrictedDomain2 none
Long and short swords: when striking with both swords the long sword gets a -4 penalty and the short sword (in not dominate hand) takes -8 penalty. And the strength bonus for the short sword is ½ (now: .5), and the long sword the whole strength bonus.
Point Blank Shot – 1 bonus on ranged attack and damage w/in 30 ft
Survival – used to follow tracks, hunt wild game, guide a party safely through frozen wastelands, identify signs of beasts live nearby, predict the weather, or avoid quicksand, and other natural hazards.
Knowledge (nature) – animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin
favored enemy: goblinoids (
2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks (tracking etc.) when using these skills against creatures of this type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against such creatures)


Age: 112

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

Clothing: A semi-tight shirt with my sleeves rolled up, loose breeches, and thick soled boots. I have a pack with all my supplies on, alongside a belt with a bunch of small pouches hanging off. I usually carry a book in one hand and a quarterstaff in the other. Also wearing a pink goblin apron and a wizard hat that matches whatever I am wearing at the moment.

Attitude: Arrogant, book-smart, salty, and elitist.

Likes: Books, knowledge, money, and cows. Wants to ride a cow like a horse. Might like gambling (thinks she is smarter/better and will always win…totally not the case).

Fears: Horses – was once forced to learn how to ride and ended up being thrown off. Nearly died but managed to come out with only a broken arm.

Mentor: One of my favorite mentors was a High Elf from my village named Kevroar Taletreader, also known as Lord Kevroar Taletreader Many-Daggers. He traveled all over the world, and would tell me countless stories about all the things he learned during his adventures. Though smart, he was somewhat arrogant – unlike the likes of my humble self – and had a habit of using his long-staff to wack my hands if I were touching an artifact that he wished me not too.

Tales: Went on a quest to find ducks, quite enjoyed it. Once tried to feed goblin children to a baby dragon. Ended up being knocked out and had money stolen. Hugged some cows (best), noticed nothing else during that entire quest.

Lia Siannodel

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