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  • Quiply Galanodel

    Spurned by her elven side, [[Half-Elves | half-elf]] Quiply retreated to the forest as a young child where she was raised by a pack of wolves. Years later, druid master Ratamy Ris and his companion, Sir Muffles the crow, strayed into a dangerous part of …

  • Lia Siannodel

    Age: 112 Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic Clothing: A semi-tight shirt with my sleeves rolled up, loose breeches, and thick soled boots. I have a pack with all my supplies on, alongside a belt with a bunch of small pouches hanging off. I usually …

  • Sola

    if you want to select a specific god you can use [[Religion | this]] though your welcome to make one up yourself, but your character doesn't need to pick a deity Fear of ghosts (I'm holding you to this Tameka!)