Tag: Quiply


  • Side Quest: Pest Control

    On a quiet day in the frontier town of Barrows Edge, [[:lia-siannodel | Lia Siannodel]], [[:sola | Sola]], [[:quiply-galanodel | Quiply Galanodel]] and Grim are hanging out in the inn's common area while [[:penelope-pennie-tealeaf | Penelope ''Pennie'' …

  • Quiply's Companions

    h3. Grim wolf <> h3. Bloodfang wolf Formerly a goblin shamans companion, before being taken in by Quiply after inadvertently terrorizing the [[Barrows Edge | Barrows Edge]] farming community. <

  • Quiply Galanodel

    Spurned by her elven side, [[Half-Elves | half-elf]] Quiply retreated to the forest as a young child where she was raised by a pack of wolves. Years later, druid master Ratamy Ris and his companion, Sir Muffles the crow, strayed into a dangerous part of …