Pomona Tealeaf


Paloma Tealeaf is the fierce acting matriarch of the Tealeaf Clan. Her husband Peer is much too obliging for such a demanding roll. No one would know just by looking it was she who is the in-law if they were to see her and Matron Perpetua, Pennie’s grandmother.
Her brother in law, Palo Tealeaf, jokes that she made a bakers dozen of children. Palo Tealeaf is, incidentally, a baker.


Her children are from eldest to youngest :
1. Priscilla ’’Prissy’’
2. Peregrine ’’Perry’’
3. Penelope ’’Pennie’’
4. Percival ’’Percie’’
5. Perlita ’’Pearlie’’
6. Paxton ’’Pax’’
7. Pamelia ’’Pia’’
8. Petunia
9. Piperel ’’Pip’’
10. Pansy
11. Posey
12. Piccolo ’’Picco’’
13. Ponce ‘’Po-Po’’

Pomona Tealeaf

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