Heroes of Barrows Edge

Enter Heroes

our first session summary

Three adventurers made their make their way to the frontier town of Barrows Edge at the request for heroes. The enthusiastic halfling bard, Pennie Tealeaf, the feral half-elf druid, Quiply Galanodel, and her faithful lupine adopted family, Grim, and the arrogant aristocratic elven wizard Lia Sianodel answer the call.
On their way there our heroes find a wagon being attacked by goblins. They saved the local halfling merchant, Sten Godseller, and escorted her and her fallen elven guard into the town – though not before being accosted by yet another ambush by a goblin druid and his wolf. They defeated the druid and the wolf ran.
Upon arriving at the town, our band of adventurers learn that it is the goblin guerrillas themselves that have provoked the call for heroes. Our intrepid trio then go to find out: whats the goblins deal?
Befriending a formidable goblin female, the three topple the current leader and replace him with their new ally. She then leads them to the heart of the problem – the Black Dragon.
To be exact, Noak the very confident and very greedy baby black dragon.
Our heroes survive the encounter by paying her off with the unconscious Lia’s looted gold coins and convincing her that there are more profitable and ambitious places for such a grand foe.
Returning as town heroes and forging a new, hopefully healthier, goblin relations the company is declared the heroes of Barrows Edge and are invited to stay as long as they like (the fine print to this arrangement is being the towns go-to for help, which as it turns out is less dragons slaying and more holy-shit that is a lot of literal shit you want me to clean up.)


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